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This is Pure Glass. This is our story. This man to my left is my father. This is the man that deserves much of the credit. He is a man that has sacrifice a lot, not only for me but also for many other people. I have learned many things from him, but there are two things that stick out the most. Those two things are hard work and generosity. My dad modeled for me the importance of hard work. The picture on the left is a clear example for me. That blue truck with the magnet that says “Ferrer Pressure cleaning” was for the company he started in 1999, while also working 2 full time jobs. He would work 2 jobs during the day and at night he would go wash shopping centers. I remember during my high school years, him and I spent many hours together in the middle of the night pressure washing shopping centers. I learned a lot about hard work during those years. My dad is a hard worker but his greatest quality to me, is how generous he is. He is a giver. Even if he didn’t have much, he would give to others what he could. He is the type of man that would go days without eating so others could eat. I thank God for my father. And as I follow his footsteps of running a business, I pray that I continue to grow in those qualities of being a hard worker and being generous. This is Pure Glass. Simple people that work hard to be use by God to hopefully be a blessing to others.

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