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There is no denying the fact that windows play a big role in keeping our homes clean, warm and also cool during summers. They protect the home against the elements of nature and also against dust and other forms of pollution. Yes, they also help to add sophistication and beauty to the home but, like all fixtures and fittings, windows need proper maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep. There is a need to hire the right Window Cleaning SouthPark & Matthews, NC professionals. With so many options available, choosing the right professionals may not be easy. Those who are from the Greater Charlotte area and other surrounding areas have been choosing us for a number of years because of a few obvious reasons. We are known for offering the best clean window services. We ensure that the window washing jobs that we offer go a long way in improving the overall view, and also add to the overall beauty and look of your home. Anyone who looks at your home from outside will be impressed by the perfectly clean windows that stand out amongst other windows in neighboring homes. 

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Glass Cleaning

We have over the years mastered the skill and art of thorough interior and exterior glass cleaning. We use the best quality water-fed poles and squeegee to clean every square inch of your windows. The cleaning process is minutely and carefully done. This is perhaps one more reason why we are considered to be one of the best Window Cleaning Matthews NC companies in this part of the country. Our quality work has received many positive reviews from dozens of customers.

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Screen Cleaning

Window screens attract quite a bit of dust and therefore we understand the need for careful, minute and thorough cleaning of the same. Our qualified staff pays special attention, time and effort to carefully clean all the window screens. You can be sure that the window screens will be fully free form dust once the cleaning has been done. We use the best cleaning agents to get the job done.

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Track Cleaning

Not many people would be aware that window tracks are one of the most common places where dust and debris firmly settle down. When water and moisture get into it, it becomes sticky. But our qualified and experienced window cleaners use powerful vacuum cleaners and wash out the tracks. This also helps the tracks to function smoothly. We are a highly reputable Window Cleaning Mattews NC service provider.

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Your Home Is Protected With Our SouthPark & Matthews, NC Window Cleaning Service

We are considered to be one of the best window washing service providers in Matthews NC for a few reasons. We carry insurance of 1 million. Hence, we are extremely careful about the quality of our workforce. We do not want somebody who poses a liability threat to enter the home of our customers who value highly. We exhibit the best professionals when it comes to the safety and security of our clients. We use high-quality water-fed poles when there is a need to clean windows and other such constructions located up to 3 stories.

We Offer A 2-Week Clean Windows Warranty

We believe in offering the best value for money to our clients. Keeping this in mind we offer a 2-Week clean window warranty. We are confident about the quality of cleaning and also about the type of cleaning solutions and ingredients that we use. Hence, if our customers believe that there is any deficiency in our cleaning job within 14 days, they are free to contact us. We will take the necessary steps to remedy and correct the situation. If there is a need, we would not hesitate in having complete relook at the work done by us. Hence, this is something that makes us different from others. This perhaps could be a reason why we are considered as leading Window Cleaning SouthPark & Matthews, NC service providers.

Real Window Cleaning Reviews

Anthea R.


Window Cleaning In Charlotte NC

I had all my windows washed by Pure Glass and the results were amazing!  Even my neighbor noticed and was so impressed they also wanted their windows washed. Great friendly customer service, free estimate, and competitive prices, don’t hesitate to give Pure Glass a call!


Wayne Snyder


Window Cleaning In Charlotte NC

You never know how dirty your house is until Pure Glass finishes their work. They cleaned the entire exterior of our house along with our windows both inside and out. In order to make the windows dry clear, they actually filter the water before it hits our windows and you would be amazed how much of a difference that makes. There were no harsh chemicals which would kill our landscape and they do not use high pressure which tends to take off paint along with dirt. Five Star Rating!

Beth Schindler


Window Cleaning Matthews NC

I am a Realtor with Allen Tate and I recommend trades constantly for my clients to prepare their houses for the market. Pure Glass has come through for me over and over again with their window cleaning and other services! 

Keep Your Windows Clean All Year Long With Routine Window Cleaning In Matthews NC

For all our valued customers, we offer special packages to keep your windows clean the entire year. We offer routine window washing at affordable rates. You can contact us for quarterly cleaning packages. We will come out to your home four times a year and ensure that the windows and other attachments are fully cleaned every quarter. We can also auto-schedule based on the exact needs of our clients making it the easiest process for you!

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